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My work is about creating change and helping improve people’s financial confidence and wellbeing. It’s about helping an industry to reach new clients and new audiences in a digital way. I am an advocate for sustainable and impact investing and how it can help people to use their investments to make the world a better place. 


I have years of experience explaining the advantages of digital marketing to senior management, and can help create change across large organisations. With a consistent view on what is practical and impactful, I will focus on getting things done. I take a holistic view on driving growth and will be a credible partner across the organisation. 

My consultancy works closely with organisations that empower and supply the wealth management industry; helping them understand the market and how their tools can help clients and financial advisors. 

These are just some of the services I offer. 

On-demand Head of Marketing and CMO

Proposition Development - Strategies to reach female, next-generation and millennial investors.

International Marketing – To reach investors across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

ESG, Sustainable and Impact Investing – Best practice on how to communicate products and ESG investments.

Digital Channel Development- How to best build the digital strategy and channels to deliver quality leads to grow your business. Consult on building effective digital marketing stacks. 

Content Strategy – I am passionate about the power of good content and how to develop relevant thought leadership reports that will drive sales.

Client Insights – Develop an effective programme of client insights that will help drive the business and inform management decision making.

Public Relations - Strong PR is the cornerstone of any good marketing and thought leadership plan. Help review and source strong agencies. 

Social Media –Ensure social media channels are used by senior management and advisors to drive sales and growth. Help source the right tools to enable the programme. 

Business Development – Helping wealth managers reach intermediaries and introducers such as lawyers, accountants and family offices or intermediaries to reach financial advisors. 

Execution, Set-up and Annual Planning

Review your annual plan and agency roster to find the most efficient set-up and deliver results. 

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